URGENT - Shopify Payment + Paypal Checkout - Can I link to my business Payoneer or Transferwise?

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Hello everybody, 

I am very new to Shopify, working hard on getting my first store up and running in a couple of months.

For the context, I am in the process of registering a LLC in USA, Wyoming state as a foreigner. 

1. While the LLC will bear my own name as Legal Name, I will register a Trade Name for my Shopify business - is there an issue wit that?

2. I will open a business account, hesitating between several ; Payoneer, TransferWise, Silicon Valley Bank, Mercury Bank,... I have heard TransferWise is best. Any ideas?

The way I see it ; On my Shopify page, I would like to accept ; Shopify Payment + Paypal.

- I will create a Business Paypal account, with the EIN of my LLC. The payments received into my Paypal will be transferred to my TransferWise account.

- The payments received through Shopify Payment will go directly to my TransferWise account.

- Funds on my TransferWise account will be transferred into my home bank account.

=> Anyone using this "setup" ? Am I likely to run into issues? 

Basically, as you understand, I want to offer my customers the most convenient payment experience using paypal and shopify payments if they choose to use their credit / debit cards. However, where I seem to be stuck is Shopify accepting Transferwise or not...

Thanking you in advance for your answers.