US/Intl. Distribution centers & Shipping config. Nightmare

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I am having the worst time. And losing sales.

I have 8 products total. One of those is available from a US distribution center and is the only product available in the US. All 8 products are sold Internationally and available from the Swiss distribution center (including the one sold in the US, as I have stock in both distribution centers).


I WANT to use calculated shipping in the US + a small handling fee for the one US product.  And I am using a Swiss shipping service for the international sales (which can't be calculated so I have created specific weight/cost fees for those).


I have not been able to get this to work. If I get the US calculated shipping set up, sales are suddenly not possible from the Swiss distribution center. It says I have no products for that country.


After weeks of trying all sorts of things I am stuck specifying weight/cost fees for the US and Swiss, and it seems the only way I can manage this is to list two instances of the one product , a US version and an Intl. version.


Based on everything I've read it SHOULD be possible to have ONE product that is shipped from the most relevant distribution center, and it SHOULD allow calculated shipping from the US and weight/cost from everywhere else.


Is that incorrect? What am I doing wrong?