US Shipping Settings for Print on Demand - Printful and Printify

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How do I set up my shipping settings to automatically use Printiful AND Printiy's shipping settings? 


1. Do I need to manually set up anything or will these PODs know which setting is for their products? Or is the attached pic indication I don't need to do anything different in Shopify?

2. If necessary, how do i know which "rates" to put into Shopify?  Do I research from USPS?

3.  Does Shopify  offer this set up as a service? (Likely couldn't afford it because I'm so new). 


Thanks and I hope my numbering helped make my question clear. 



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You'll need to follow the tutorials from each brand to setup each's shipping rates. 


Here is a tutorial for Printful: &


Here is the tutorial for Printify: &


If you are using both, you may need to set them up as separate fulfillments in Shopify, so that each charges its own rates, instead of one or the other.


Good luck!

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Sarah - Can one set up a flate rate on orders and pay PODs separately through their apps?