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Hi there,

For our site we want to sell and charge in USD.

We're a Canadina company but have setup the Shopify account in USD and have created a USD bank account and successfully connected it to Shopify payments. It says USD on the main page, USD at the time of charging, but CAD in the shopping cart. What do we do next?

Thank you!

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Hi there Jack!

My name is John and I'm a Guru here at Shopify!

I had a quick look around on your storefront, added an item to the cart and proceeded to the checkout to test this out. 

I could only see the USD price myself when checking this out, so it might be showing up somewhere for you due to some browser caching. :)

You can try a couple of things here to confirm this. If you use Google Chrome for browsing, try visiting your store in an Incognito window as this is a cache-less browser.

Otherwise, you can try fully clearing the browser data on your existing browser to ensure you visit the site fresh to see it as it currently is.

If none of the above helps and you still see CAD showing up on your store somewhere, feel free to get in touch with so we can dig into this a little further for you privately.

Best of luck with everything here! 


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Hi, I had a similar problem i.e  USD in shopping cart and AUD at checkout.

My fix for this is go to Settings, General, scroll down to Store currency. Select Change formatting. This will enable you to display the currency in the shopping cart consistent with your default currency or remove altogether if you don't have multi-currency for your store.

Hope this helps. Codie