USPS Calculated Shipping not working on Shopify plan

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Hi! I'm currently working with my client to set up their Shopify store with USPS calculated shipping, but we are having issues with it.

The issue we are having is that it does not calculate Priority Shipping for more than 1 item, the cost of priority shipping for 1 item is the same cost of say 10 items.



A: 1 Medium hoodie, 1.1 lb, sent from NY to Seattle = $8.42

B: 10 Medium hoodies, 11 lb sent from NY to Seattle also = $8.42


We have set up and included the weights on our products and variants but it does not seem to be working. What Would be causing this to not calculate? We are using the Shopify/Monthly plan and maybe that's why?


I have 2 other clients who have the basic plan and USPS calculated shipping works perfect on their store. I thought it might be CCS but one client has CCS and one doesnt and both work.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.