USPS Form 5630

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I ship quite a few packages each day via USPS.

My local post office is asking me to bring in a 5630, alos know as SCAN.

I use the intergrated shipping with Shopify.  Is there a way to get this form?

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I also would like to see this feature of allowing all orders shipped in the day to be able to print out the USPS SCAN form 5630 allowing the pick-up person or post office clerks to scan the confirmation of receipt of all packages. Ebay and along with other competing companies have this feature integrated. I feel it's a must add feature for the new direct shipping within Shopify which just launched. Someone from Shopify can you please respond and also add a feature request to your dev team!

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Have you tried Shippo? The only charge 5 cents a label and I think they have this feature. Shippo has been awesome for us and is worth a shot!
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This has been an issue that paying shopify customers have been asking for for over 3 years.  It is a real time issue for several store owners, that effects daily operations and our critical relationships with shipping companies.  Could Shopify please respond and add this feature.  It is a HUGE drawn back from using this platform.  

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We need the PS Form 5630 Scan Sheet out of Shopify as well.  We just moved to a commercial space and there the US Post Office requires the PS Form 5630 Scan Sheet if they pick up more than 7 pieces of USPS mail a day.  We searched the app store and there's zero apps that report supporting the 5630 Form.


Shopify please help!  We love the discounted shipping for USPS, but your US Customers require this form out of shopify as soon as they grow large enough and have to go to a commercial space!  


PS if you're a shopify shop owner and need this, please post a reply here.  Shopify can't know who all needs this if you don't post something.

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Adding my shop to the list. We ship out dozens of packages daily and could very much use this feature. Shopify, please add it!

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Using the Multi Carrier Shipping label app, one can print a custom manifest as shown in the screenshot. In this manifest, every order fulfilled on that day will have an entry of it with bar codes. I would like to get a feedback if someone has tried to use a custom manifest with USPS.


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This is a nice idea but won't work because the postal employee is trained to weigh each item  and won't accept the packages without weighting them unless there is a PS Form 5630. 



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THIS IS A HUGE ISSUE - before I post it to my YT channel please get serious with this I live in NYC and during the pandemic it has been DANGEROUS to stand for 20-30 minutes in the line at a post office. 


This is a basic service that all other professional ecom platforms have - that is the problem with Shopify? Don't care about the health of your store owners? 

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Please, please enable USPS form 5630 - not only is it inconvenient for shop owners to sit in the post office during the holidays to have postal workers individually scan each package into the system, but it is dangerous to our health during Covid-19.  Ebay uses this form. Why can't Shopify? Also, it's really annoying to other postal customers on line AND to the kind postal workers in my city. Please fix this issue and add USPS Form 5630 ASAP.  Thank you.