USPS Informed Visibility and Mail Tracking for Envelopes

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Hello All, 

I sell stickers and prayer cards and I mail them in envelopes.  When I print out a label for these envelopes, Shopify prints out a label with an Informed Visibility scanning code (bar code) but my customers don't get the email updates from the code and I don't know how to get that information either.  Informed Visibility Tracking is set up by USPS to track an envelope at each Post Office along the route to the destination and it sends an email at each point.  It does not send an email at the time of delivery, however, it does send an email that the envelope was scanned at the recipient's Post Office so they'll know they're receiving it that day or the next.  

The code is on the label but no notification goes to the customer or myself so it's of no use.  How do I access the notifications that are available?



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Hey Jann

I can guess based on your question you are not getting notification you created a labels. I have few suggestion, can be helpful .

This is manual way .. can not be automatically...

1. One label created you need to submit that number on this url :"labelnumberhere" 

2. After opening that page you need to select the notification by text and email on that page.

3. Submit your recipient's contact details here.

4. Now they get notifications of each event details of tracking of label created by you.