USPS Tracking says "delivered" but customer claims he didn't get it

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Hi everyone,

We sold a $40 item and the customer has informed us that he didn't get it. The tracking says delivered and we have confirmed it was shipped to the right address. We fulfilled our end, but I still feel like it will hurt our reputation if we don't refund. Would you guys typically take the $40 hit and refund, or tell them they need to handle it with their post office? It was insured, however I don't think they will let us use it since it says "delivered".

Thanks so much for reading! -Al

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We've had issues with Shopify not printing shipping labels with barcodes on them so it gets returned to us and says "Item delivered" but not to the respective customer's address.



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There are several reasons why this might happen:

1: The package was delivered on a doorstep and stolen before the customer got home.

1a. The package was misplaced at the customer's address or if they live in an apartment building, it was taken by another tennant.

2; The package was stolen by a USPS contractor or employee

3: The customer received the goods but, by contending the receipt, hopes that you will either refund or ship an additional item.

4: The package was scanned as dellivered before the postman delivered and subsequently found that the address was insufficient. in that case it may be headed back to you. The return can sometimes take a month.

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To be honest, I would just refund the charges to the customer this time and make sure that this does not happen the next time. The best way to prevent this from happening is by using insurance as an option with your shipments. Since Shopify by default does not have that, you can use the Multi Carrier Shipping label app to enable it. Also, with the app comes a detailed tracking section which shows the last reached destination. This will allow you to collect evidence and approach USPS with this if a similar problem occurs future.

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