Uk based fulfilment

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I’m based in the UK and want to use UK based companies.

At the moment we are using non UK and delivery times are bad. We want to be as green as possible also.

we need kids clothing personalised 

adult clothing  personalised 

homewares personalised 

accessories also personalised 

if we can we would also love to source foot ware  that we can provide the artwork for.

Any ideas or links ?

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We are now on our second 3pl, first was fine but expensive until there's an issue then the female owned company turn nasty straight away and threaten to cancel your account and come and collect our stock from there obvious mistakes, needless to say we left MyWarehouse soon after that!

On to a larger international company now based in chorley alot cheaper but....we are spending hours every day chasing up non stop issues, stock going to wrong customers, stock going missing, items not packed as instructed huge costs from damage by dpd, we spend around 2 hours a day chasing up issues, there holding some £20 k of stock and its close to christmas so will need to make a move soon, but im honestly thinking they are all bad from online reviews including the big name james i heard not as good as expected...what to do??