Unfulfilling and Order to Resend Package (lost or damaged in mail)

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Is there a way to send a second package after an order has been delivered.  I am trying to resend an order which arrived damaged.  

I see options to re-print a label but not to recreate a label. 


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Hello Andrea! 

Kassey here from the Shopify Guru Team! You could re-print the Shopify label, however - to create a new label, you would have to create the order again manually and then purchase and print off a new label. Currently there isn't a way to create a new shipping label for an order that has already been fulfilled. I'm sorry about that, Andrea! For more information, you can always take a read through the shipping label doc!

I hope this helps, but for any further questions - be sure to reach out to our Shopify Support team!

Kassey S
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Hello Shopify Gurus

I believe it is time that the resend order or selected item in order feature is created. 


- Orders lost in post

- Orders damaged during delivery

- Item damaged during delivery

- Customer puts wrong address and order is returned to sender

- Wrong order sent to customer


A resend feature would save alot of time to the user and would be a one of a kind feature that no other sales platform offers. 

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I agree! We have seasonal items that ship at different times of the year and if someone forgets to separate those items out of the order when shipping we have to use Shippo to create another label. Annoying and time consuming to use two different platforms to ship orders.