Unique In-House Fulfillment & Pick List

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My store is an online plant nursery that ships all over the US. We have been in business over 50 years, and have special requirements for how we do in house fulfillment.


A few key notes:

  1. We only ship product to customers when the weather is correct for planting in their area. This means we need to batch our order printing, fulfillment, and pick list generation by state, not in the order that the orders were received.
  2. We fulfill in house, so we need to be able to generate a pick list with a "bin" or "shelf" location on them for the warehouse guys to know where to pull the items from. 

Does anybody know if there is an app that would allow us to do this? Essentially we need to be able to, on January 1st, print orders/pick lists for say Arizona orders and have the list display bin locations. 


I attached a picture showing what our current pick lists look like. If we could generate essentially the same piece of paper, and batch the order prints by state that would solve all my problems! Thank you for your time. Screenshot_20200423-103352~2.png