United Kingdom - split out countries, i.e. Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

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I have 2 Shopify + clients that are considering migrating away as a result of inflexibility and non-compliance, with not just proper shipping zone control, but also customs documentation (we've worked around the later by integrating metafields with bespoke iPaaS provider at considerable monthly expense). It has resulted in a 40% increase in logistics charges into mainland Europe and our NI customer base dropping off completely, or becoming phone customers resulting in increase staffing overhead (total we could potentially save on one S+ website is >£30k per year).

I have a client (currently on Standard, but looking at Advanced) that has migrated to a 3PL this week and they will have to manually intervene with every NI order that comes through and our strategy is to exclude campaigning to those markets "until Shopify pulls their finger out" (their words, not mine).

It's such a simple change that it makes no logical sense when it hasn't been applied yet and it's seriously hurting UK business. Every UK based Head of eCommerce I speak with has the same reservations about switching to Shopify+, so you guys are potentially leaving money on the table by not resolving this issue.

Other changes I'd respectfully recommend:

  • Enable multi-currency bank account payouts in Shopify payments (as per stripe, braintree, paypal etc), as customers are being charged for off-shore banking fees, and we're hit by forex which equals 6% revenue in some instances.
  • Add a field to enable tax number collection (VAT or otherwise) in checkout, and NOT basket/cart pages. You're completely limiting B2B market potential by not having this feature as standard.
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It's a complete joke - we really feel the sting when someone orders from a Scottish Isle, which we also can't segment out.

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Hi everyone,

we use the Advanced Shipping Rules App. Yes, it's pricey but not as pricey as all those parcels to Orkney! The support is amazing. You can set up different product groupls and section those off by areas with specific postcodes. It is the only solution until Shopify gets more sophisticated

Rebecca @creamcornwall 

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It’s just not a viable solution - you either need to be on the Advanced plan, or pay extra for the real-time shipping rate option, and even then the postcode zoning is only on the $59/month option.

It’s poor from Shopify and they likely won’t do anything because they’re happy with commission on app revenue.

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We will contact our company`s lawyer regarding discrimination of England based companies because Shopify is able to split out different territories of the same countries as well as different countries without extra cost and apps.

NI, Scotland, Highland of Scotland and its islands shipping cost is much higher. For a parcel of 6 Kg to Northern Ireland the Royal Mail 2nd class request £20 shipping cost while the customer did not pay for shipping because ordered over £47.  This would not be exist for NI customers. 

Another order the NI customer paid £4.59 while the shipping cost of Royal Mail 2nd class was £8.79.

Brexit is another issue with Northern Ireland.

Moreover, Shopify not refunding the transaction fee and rates after cancellation of orders.

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Advanced Shipping Rules, like the vast majority of Shopify apps,  is most likely not GDPR compliant for those of us in the EU as their privacy policy page is blank. 

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It's coming! I'm not sure why but Shopify rolled out the changes then rolled them back without notice. They also deleted the changelog, but it can be seen on archive.org


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@JimmyUK Looks promising but I'll only believe it when I see it as a live feature for myself. Reported this issue to Shopify for the past 5 years and there has been 0 progress after well over 10 times of me notifying them to make changes to the UK shipping regions. 


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Looks like this could be happening - noticed some issues with postcodes with orders this morning. Went into  shipping and lo and behold the UK is now 5 regions!!! Let's not tell them about the Highlands and Islands and get through this first! Woo!

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Yes, at long last there are regions in the UK