United Kingdom - split out countries, i.e. Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

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Hi there,

I'm trying to restrict certainly countries within the UK but this doesn't appear to be a standard shipping settling in Shopify which I can't believe.

Am I correct?


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This is an accepted solution.

Hi Dean, 


Nick here from Shopify. 


Really great question. Currently, the only way to break up shipping prices across the UK would be via an app. This is not native to the Shopify admin. There are a few apps which could be worth you looking into here for this:

I completely understand this is not ideal and the understanding for it, is that the postcode system across the UK is the same. I will, however, put in a feature request on your behalf about it to make our team aware for future development.


Thank you for bringing this up also, it's feedback for things such as this from store owners like yourself that let us know what's on your mind and how to make it better. 


All the best, Nick


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I just wanted to bump this, it's been known for years that Shopify is missing this essential feature.


I think the severity of the issue needs to be highlighted:


  1. you cannot sell to Ireland with Shopify out the box because you can't specify a higher shipping price to the customer
  2. If you sell only to England, Wales, Scotland as a UK business, the cost of shipping to Ireland is huge and you have to refund any orders you get from Ireland, hurting your reputation.

As a web dev. I come across this a lot with clients who have Shopify and want to exclude orders from Ireland, you can't without paying monthly for an entire app that allows lots of advanced shipping options, the client doesn't need any of that.


This affects every single store in the UK.

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The shipping options are really poor on Shopify, driving me crazy!

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Found a pretty simple way round this if your issue is excluding specific countries within Europe... ie. Northern Ireland ... 

Add your own customised shipping rate for example I done Northern Ireland: £15.00 any product shipped. 





Then make sure you include in the "Shipping" Legal page... If a product is purchased via the "Free shipping" and you are based in Northern Ireland your order will be cancelled and money returned. As follows:


Screenshot 2019-11-11 at 07.06.50.png




Screenshot 2019-11-11 at 07.04.55.png


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Am I missing something @Bselectricgoods ?  You say add a customised shipping rate for Northern Ireland, but that's the point of this thread isn't it, we can't?  At least, not on the Basic Plans.  If I have misunderstood and this is possible, then it still seems like allowing orders, then cancelling them is pretty unprofessional (no offense intended to you, I can see you're looking for solutions).

Shopify, please can we have an update on this?  As part of Brexit, orders shipped from the mainland UK to Northern Ireland might require customs checks come January 1st, so it's important that we are able to separate England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  Customs declarations are potentially complex and expensive, so some retailers might want to put their orders to Northern Ireland on hold until they are confident with the process, procedure and cost.

As others mention, given the additional cost of shipping across the Irish sea (and Scottish islands), we need to be able to treat Northern Ireland separately.

The United Kingdom is a political union of four unique countries.  As a comparison, the EU is a political union, but each country has it's own unique shipping rate.  The expense of upgrading to the Advanced Shopify plan is not an option for a new and small business.

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I cannot understand why Shopify won't set UK different zones for the UK, especially N. Ireland. It's a no brainer. 

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I've a similar but opposite problem. As my business is based in Southern Ireland I can ship at the same cost to Northern Ireland but it is far more expensive to ship to Scotland, Wales and England and there is no way to separate these.

They have got to fix this for BREXIT!! 

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If you speak to shopify support they can enable just the carrier calculated shipping for a fee so you don't have to upgrade to the top package.

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Shopify can you hear us