Upcmoming European PSD-2 Regulation

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I saw a few newsarticles recently about the new PSD-2 regulation that will be affecting how payments are processed pretty soon, to guarantee a safer checkout for customers.

So I've seen one thread on this forum regarding the new regulation which will come on the 14th September 2019, but the thread was kinda old and outdated.

So I thought I might open up a new one and try to find out more about it since it's pretty important.


Will Shopify's Payment Gateway and checkout process be PSD-2 compliant? And how about checkouts with PayPal, although PayPal is most likely dealing and adjusting their checkout themselves anyway.


Would like to hear how this will be implemented and how it will affect current and new stores.

Or if it is implemented already and good-2-go once the new regulation will be in place.