VAT Issue - Selling from Germany, but shipping from UK not allowed!

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Hello. I received this info from my tax person and I do not have reason to doubt her expertise, but it just sounds crazy to me and wondering if anyone has ideas.

I wanted to start working with a printing company based in the UK. They have a system where I can upload an image and make a link to it available. When someone buys a print, Shopify takes the money (and I can set up my VAT rules here if needed to take VAT from buyers in the EU), and the other company prints the image and does the shipping from the UK. Shopify pays me, minus fees, and the print company charges me separately for their service. I make the difference.

I was told that because the shipper is in the UK that I would either have to set up a business in the UK (which wouldn't be worth it for small volume) or have the items shipped to me and then I would have to reship them out to the buyer. This sounds crazy because this added step would cost a lot of time and money (esp. because the shipper gives a flat global rate which would go to me and then I would pay full rates to reship). How would anyone even know that I went through this extra step or did not and why would anyone care as long as Im charging VAT if needed and paying taxes on what I make? I asked if I could factor in VAT to my prices but I was told no. If this is all true, then what other options are there? I was told I should find a printer in Germany but there are not that has this full turnkey solution from selling to printing (which is also the kind I need) to shipping.

Thanks for any help.