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I'm completing my first Shopify store with the intention of going Live in the next 2 weeks.


I live in Ireland and my intention at the moment is to sell only to the US. Do I need a VAT number?


My understanding is that a VAT number is only required when you sell products to Europe. However, my Shopify account shows the following warning:


"Your store address is in Ireland, which uses Value Added Tax (VAT). If you have a VAT number for your business, you can enter it on your billing settings page in Shopify"


To have a VAT number I would need to have a business. My intention is to not register as a business until I see some profit.


Another question related to taxes. My product's page show the following disclaimer under the price: "Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout." I understand that selling to the US I should not charge taxes (as I have no physical presence there). Is there a way to remove this text? Or is this only possible touching the code?



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Hi @Albdrawy,

When it comes to registering for a VAT number, you are correct. 

You need to register for VAT once your annual turnover (total sales) is above a certain threshold (usually around €35,000 in some EU countries and €100,000 in others). In case you'd like to read more information regarding VAT in the EU, have a look at our VAT guide for Shopify stores!

Have a nice day and good luck with your business!

- Lenka from Sufio