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Hello, I have a new website with shopping part. We have choosen tot display 'including VAT' pricing, but after a customer buys something, the invoice says 0% VAT. The VAT settings however are set to 21%.

We need the invoice to retrect the 21% from the total. But how?

A secondaury result is that the Moneybird plugin does not work. It is connected but does not receive any data.


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Hi, Jan!

This is May from Shopify.

Thank you for posting your question here. When you set up your price to include taxes, you and your customer should be able to see the tax breakdown like this:

If you see $0.00 under the taxes, you will want to double check your tax settings, and your product settings. To check your product settings, you’ll need to go to your product’s page, and go to ‘Pricing’ section. Please make sure you've selected the checkbox ‘Charge taxes on this product’. If you don't have this box checked, you'll want to check this box and save your changes.

Once you apply this change, your future orders should display the tax breakdown for you and your customers to review. You will be able to see this report on your ‘Orders’ page from admin, and your customers will be able to review this on their receipt or order confirmation email.

For the issue with Moneybird app, I highly suggest contacting the app developer directly for support. You can get support for this app by going into ‘Apps > View details > Get support’.

Let me know if this helps. Feel free to reply back to this thread or contact our 24/7 support, and we’ll happily help!

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