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I am creating our first online store, we already have a store made from brick and mortar. The website is practically read to launch but have run in to several issues. The main one is a merchant and gateway.


RIght now we have spoken to several people, none of which ive trusted due to there arrogance or from their pushy sales pitches which i can smell from a mile away.



1) I need a merchant and gateway to accept e-cig/vape stores online. what would you recommend?

2) im being told to take visa payments i have to take mastercard and pay 500 dollars up front. This isnt something we can just be throwing at something just yet and want to know how true it is that we HAVE to take mastercard if we accept visa.

3)how are other vape companies selling via paypal/regular payment gateways?


all help will be great and appreciated. thank you 

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Hi there Michael!

My name is John and I'm a Guru here at Shopify!

While we can't really advise the use of one payment gateway over another, I know from my experience that both and 2Checkout will tend to accept business types that are sometimes excluded by other payment providers.

On an unrelated note, you might also want to look into getting some age verification check in place on your store; we've found a lot of stores use the Bouncer or other apps to add this functionality.

Hopefully, some other members of our community will be able to chip in here with their own experience of gateway use for their vape stores to help you out. :)

Best of luck with everything here!


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Well just check the already established businesses. Deliciousnimbus will do for sure It's the only place all my friends get their vapes and juices.

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Hi Michael,


I can recommend we have a lot of vape clients who use them, and they are generally well-liked. Fees are $25 per month, which is higher than a non-high-risk merchant would pay, and there are per-transaction fees ranging form $.10 - $.40 per transaction that you won't encounter at a typical merchant payment solutions provider. Other than that, they are professional and they integrate seamlessly with Shopify, so definitely a good bet.


Good luck!



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Can anyone recommend and a merchant services for a vape/tabacco selling goods like aromatic smudges as well?

After trying for over a month now there's not a single merchant services on Shopify that will work with me.

Digipay/ doesn't even answer or respond lies says they can work with you but they can't and been giving me the run around. So right start me back to square one
Incom direct/tsys/cayan I have spoke with several people from them just leave dead trace no follow or nothing

Is there anything I can do or should I just give up?
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1 0 0 will work with you but You have to go to them through a broker or third-party agent. For POS system Square is a good option but it does not integrate with Shopify