WARNING: Shopify Fees not refunded when customer refunded

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My products cost $3000, and there is a $100 fee that shopify takes when someone makes a purchase.  But if I refund partially, there is no partial refund of this fee (like even paypal will do!) and if I do a FULL refund it will still cost me that $100 fee.  I'm outraged and ready to drop this platform. 

Note that even a test purchase of $1.00 has a $0.30 fee (or so) that WILL NOT be refunded!  

Klarna suggests when integrating with shopify to make a trial purchase (https://www.klarna.com/us/business/platforms-and-partners/shopify/)   I wonder If I'll be out the shopify fee if I do this.

Here's the excerpt from my chat session:

16:19 Karishma B (Support Advisor): What I'm saying is that when you're issuing a refund to a customer, there aren't additional fees associated with that refund. When a customer makes a purchase, however, you are charged credit card fees. And if you issue a refund to the customer, those credit card fees do not get refunded back to you.