WHY is FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery grouped as one single service?!?!?!

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Why Shopify? Why?

FedEx Ground is a completely different service than FedEx Home Delivery. Why are these services grouped together as one service? Ground delivers to Commercial addresses and Home Delivery delivers to Residential addresses. On that note; these "different" services are billed "differently" too. 

There is no way to separate them as a user. There is no way to ask the customer if they are shipping to a Residential address or a Commercial/Business address. As a result, the FedEx rate generated is the GROUND rate. "Ground" excludes the Residential Surcharge, as it is a Commercial "ground" service. Due to this, I am forced to lose money for every order placed that selects this "Ground Home Delivery" service.


(1) Modify the rate of service by adding in the missing residential surcharge once on the shipping section of the admin (within the FedEx service screen).

This sounds like a decent "work around", but the downfall is that now whatever is added to modify the rate, the figure is spread across ALL services. If we were able to breakdown each service offered and adjust it individually, this may be a decent fix.

(2) The service rate will adjust in the shopping cart based on whether or not the customer fills in the "Company name" box or not. If the Company Name box is filled in, the rate will be reflective of the GROUND service. If the Company Name box is left blank, the rate will be reflective of the HOME DELIVERY service. 

I do not find this to be a viable way to manage a service(s) that are meant to be treated separately from the beginning (recognized by FedEx). As a consumer myself (and putting on others' shoes), I think that sometimes customers think it is cool to make up their own Company Name to enter into the box. Sometimes people think they even need to fill the box out as part of the form submission. It doesn't make too much sense to use this as the basis for generating a rate that should already be separated because the chances are that we will lose money more times than not. MOST shopping carts afford the admin to place a box within the shipping page to ask whether or not the address provided is a business. This option is not fail-safe either, but it will clearly denote whether or not you are submitting an address applicable to the services offered. To have the entire process hinging on a company name in a field (whether it is filled in or blank) seems a bit thrown together. 

(3) Offer Flat rate shipping for your Customers.

We all know that there are consumers out there who will abandon carts because they think shipping is too high (In their heads, $8.11 is a deal breaker to $7.98). Flat rate shipping merely sweeps the elementary issues under the rug. Flat rate shipping will either screw over one type of Customer or relieve the associated costs for another. If there is a $3 gap in pricing from Zone 1 to Zone 8, I will have to decide which Customer I would like to pay $3 more than what they are used to. This "quick fix" does not solve the problems for those of us who have excellent discounted rates from our Private Carriers, and who would like to pass on the savings to our Customers. We should have the option of giving EVERYONE the lowest rate possible, if available to them by way of our (company) pricing.

(4) Gain Access to the Enterprise API and create the rules/App that you are interested in utilizing. This will allow you to "potentially" create what you are looking for. The fee to access this API is $1,000 per month.

Are we really required to explore the idea of paying an additional $1,000 per month, so that we can create a rule to allow the Shopify cart to recognize that FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery services are two separate services? These services already exist through FedEx, and are already separate. Shopify is apparently the only entity who does not seem to recognize this. Why should we have to pay $1,000 per month to fix an issue that should have already been considered by Shopify? Grouping these two services together is as crazy as grouping FedEx Ground and FedEx Overnight together. That would never happen, right? Why? Because they are two different services that are priced accordingly. This is just as true for FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery. Two separate services billed at two separate rates. 

At the end of the day, FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery are considered two separate services offered by FedEx. Although the transit time is relatively the same (Home Delivery does not operate on Monday's, but DOES operate on Saturdays, as apposed to Ground) there is DEFINITELY a difference in cost between the two services. 

Why are these two services grouped together? We shouldn't have to settle with elementary "hacks" or tricks because nobody has figured this out just yet. 

P.S.- Where is the FedEx SmartPost option? This service has been around for years. To say that Shopify is always updating these services and adding the NEW ones (and that SmartPost must be a NEW feature that is likely going to be added soon) seems a bit odd. 

P.S.S.- If a package is 70 lbs or more (shipping through FedEx) and the destination address is Residential, FedEx will default the package through FedEx GROUND service (another reason why the two services should be separated in Shopify). Currently, if a user/customer decides that they would like to order 70 lbs or more of product in a single order and have it delivered to their residence, instead of defaulting to FedEx GROUND service (as FedEx intends for it to), the 3-5 business day "Ground/Home Delivery" service disappears entirely, and leaves only the EXPRESS options for the customer! What is that all about??? (This is "out of the box" Shopify/FedEx integration).

There are definitely quite a few features (and "everyday" shipping rules) missing from the Shopify checkout/shipping admin. This is incredibly frustrating, and we are unable to create solutions with the API. All of the 3rd party Apps out there only control fulfillment and POST order shipping.

As Direct to consumer/ eCommerce business owners, we all know what we REALLY are... We are nothing more than shipping/fulfillment centers (think about that one for a second) The digital stuff is easy (results may vary for every individual). Making sure that we are afforded a myriad of shipping features should be a must! One of THE most important pieces to the platform (checkout/shipping), and yet it presents itself as one of the weakest links in the system. This is basic stuff. 

A bit blunt. Just frustrating. 

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Still awaiting response... Meanwhile, Fedex IT/DEV has stuck by their API, assuring us that Shopify is doing something weird. 

It's now a game of 'he said/she said'.

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Although the query has been raised a while ago, I'm answering this as still there is no automatic way to handle this.


If you want to handle this in Shopify, the only way is to enable the "Company" field at the checkout. So, if your customers enteres the company name, Shopify identifies it as a commercial address and displays FedEx Ground, or otherwise it displays FedEx Home delivery. But still, you can't be sure that your customers will enter the company name.


Another way is to use the FedEx Rates, Labels & Tracking app. You can provide FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery at checkout based on the shipping address using the app. The app uses the FedEx address validation API to classify the address as commercial or a residential address and automatically provide the FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery at checkout.

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