Warning- Shopify Payments/Stripe willingly process fraudulent payments. You will receive Chargebacks

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I can see from these forums that we are not the first Shopify customer to be devastated by a fraudulent transaction processed by Stripe. In the settings for Shopify Payments you will see an option called "Decline charges that fail AVS postal code verification" that we have obviously always had ticked. We have this option ticked, firstly because it is common sense and secondly, because we have a policy to only send high value orders to the billing address. We often have tiny transactions (around £20) declined by Shopify Payments/Stripe for reason "The zip code you supplied failed validation" which we felt proved that the fraud checks were working. Because of this, we understandably felt assured that all successfully processed transactions had passed AVS and that the billing address provided by the customer matched the card issuer's record. However, what Shopify and Stripe don't tell you is that in many cases, the post code is NOT PROVIDED by the card issuer. When this happens STRIPE PROCESS THE PAYMENT ANYWAY! There are NO CHECKS. We only discovered this when a chargeback was made for an order over £2000 that we had fulfilled many weeks earlier. I knew that the order had been shipped to the billing address provided so I checked the transaction details. The results: "checks"=>{"address_line1_check"=>"unavailable", "address_postal_code_check"=>"unavailable". Because 'unavailable' does not count as a 'fail' Stripe will process the payment anyway. You will not be warned or notified that the post code was not checked. There is no option to decline transactions that do not have a post code to check. We submitted a response to the chargeback including timestamped GPS location of the driver at the delivery address and signature of the recipient. We were unsuccessful.  Presumably because we sent the goods to the billing address provided which was not the real billing address. However, we will never know for sure because Stripe/Shopfiy will never provide you with the full response from the card issuer. You will never be able to appeal again. The money will be seized from your next payout and you will never see your goods again. Oh and Stripe will charge you £10 for the privilege of your one time appeal. If you are a serious company, do not use Shopify or Stripe. Use Magento and Sagepay. That is what we are doing immediately.