What gives with the Shopify Risk Of Fraud Warnings?

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Has anyone else noticed a sudden spike in the number of fraud risk warnings appearing on their orders?

Not sure if there is an algorhythmic issue but just this weekend I received two seperate orders from the same person. The first order, placed on Friday, was marked as low risk while the second order, placed two days later, was marked as high risk, this despite the fact that the specifics of both orders were identical. I'm not sure I can see what could have happened in the intervening time to make this customer suddenly much more untrustworthy.

I have also noticed that I am getting a lot of flags on orders paid via Paypal, largely because those paying using a Paypal account don't enter credit card numbers and cvc numbers etc. This is despite everything else appearing kosher.

Does Shopify have any plans to revamp or improve their fraud detection system as I'm no longer convinced that it is fit for purpose?

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I haven't noticed a change, but an idea to gauge where you're at is to look at chargeback ratio.

For example, if you have no chargebacks for medium risk orders, then you can just focus on high risk orders.

With high risk orders, my workflow is to have customer support contact the person and request a picture with their ID to verify the order. This will deter fraudsters + give you extra evidence in the event that a chargeback is filed.

I use Order Automator to automatically notify customer service when a high risk order comes in. There are other apps too, I just use this one because I built it and it's my favorite haha.

That's the system I use and it works great. Fraud is a pain in the arse, hope this helps.

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