What is a Privacy/Confidentiality policy?

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I have just signed up to the Paymill payment system in my website, Stripe doesnt work for UK business' apparently.... So I have spent quite some time filling in applications for Paymill, but now I'm stuck with this email they sent me: 
Hello Mr Pebble 

I just got the first feedback from our bank that the following bits need to be adjusted, so that we can go on with our checks and onboard you as soon as possible:

-They could not verify your address. Could you please send an electronic utility bill. 

- please provide your company address on your webside
- There also is no Privacy/Confidentiality policy. 
Kind regards,
Katrin Smyk
Anybody know what I should put as the Privacy/Confidentiality policy? 
Google isn't of any help. I have no idea what to put
Any body know what I should do?????

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