What is the best Shipping services for Shopify in your country? Why?

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What is the best Shipping services for Shopify in your country?  Why?

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It's Michael from Fulfillrite. What type of services are you looking for specifically? Shipping software, fulfillment, freight?


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Hi Aissarapan 

Here at www.storeship.co.uk we generally use Royal Mail, we're based in the UK.

We have recently introduced a postage calculator, have a play with it and let us know what you think.



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Hi Aissarapan! Thanks for reaching out. 

The answer really depends entirely on what you're looking to do! As Michael pointed out, fulfillment, freight, software, and shipping providers are all "shipping services" that will apply to most Shopify stores. 

Shipping Providers: Use something trackable and try to balance speed with cost. I would recommend FedEx, UPS, and in some cases USPS Priority. Consider FedEx's ground services!

Software: This entirely depends on your needs! Many excellent fulfillment and logistics services integrate with Shopify, so you'll want to ensure that this is the case with whatever you choose. 

Freight: Almost an independent consideration, given how freight is fraught with many pitfalls and resultantly has so many subservices (forwarding, customs brokerage, etc.) 

Fulfillment: I'd love to sit here and say that we over at ShipMonk  are the very best in fulfillment. And I can confidently say that for many customers, we are! But the truth is that no single fulfillment service (and I suspect this goes for every other service I mentioned above) fits the needs of every company. So I definitely recommend looking up every company you can and see what the best fit is for you!

Good luck out there! 




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May i know for which country are you looking a solution for? Usually if you are in the US, going with UPS, USPS integration of Shopify is the best option as the rates are way cheaper compared to nay other solution. However, if you are from any other country, you need to at first select a carrier which ships both domestic and internationally. Still going with top carriers like UPS, FedEx, DHL makes sense. If the same carrier does not does not ship both domestic and international, then a better option would be to select a carrier for domestic shipping another one for international shipping. Once the carriers are selected, going ahead with a shipping solution would be the next logical step. You can try the Multi Carrier Shipping label app for this purpose. With more and more shipping, you will be able to better negotiate for cheaper rates. 

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