What is the best way to track shipping for your website?

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Hello everyone!


So I wanted to experience the shipping process after a customer buys a product from my store and I went ahead and  bought a product from my supplier. I got it shipped out to a location that I am currently visiting but that country does not have an e-packet as an option, so I went with Aliexpress standard shipping. I then got my tracking number from the supplier via Aliexpress and when I checked the tracking number from my Aliexpress account, I got this image. 




Then I checked my tracking number using the tracking app I installed on my Shopify website called AfterShip. This is the picture I got.




Then I went to my email that I used to make the purchase and checked the 17TRACK link that I received and inputted the tracking number again and this is what I got.




So I am thinking maybe it just needs time to update. However, I am not sure the best way to inform my customers about their shipping information.


Here are my questions:


1) The Global Cainiao tracking site from Aliexpress seemed more accurate and informative. Should I put a link on my website somewhere for my customers to use and/or in a customer's delivery email notification instead of 17TRACK? 


2) Should I remove the AfterShip tracking from my website and just rely on the email tracking link from 17TRACK?


3) Is the shipping process and notification for e-packet different or better than Aliexpress Standard Shipping? 


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi, Konthy,


This is Song Fei from TrackingMore.com. I've been working in this shipping and tracking business for years. So I could answer this question.


Your tracking number is LP151117111SG. It's a parcel from China to Cambodia.


This is the tracking info in Cainiao website:


This is the tracking info in Singapore Post website:


See the difference between this two tracking info?

Aliexpress shipped the parcel out from China in 2019-10-29. Singapore Post received it on 04/11/2019.

If your customer track this tracking number LP151117111SG in Singapore Post, or any other third party tracking website like TrackingMore, 17track, Aftership, there will be 4 days of "couldn't find".


Why did this happen?

Because Aliexpress, unlike Amazon Logistic, doesn't have its own logistics company. They just cooperate with dozens of couriers.

Let say China Post can promptly process 100,000,000 parcels per day (Aliexpress monitors delivery time).

And one day, Aliexpress received 100,000,001 orders, so Aliexpress have to give the extra order to Singapore Post or other couriers based on AI tech.

It takes 4 days from China to Singapore. That's the four days of "couldn't find".


It's hard to explain the above reason to customers. But 4 days of "couldn't find" will indeed make customers mad. So,


Regarding your questions:


Should I put a link on my website somewhere for my customers to use?

Yes. I believe it would be better if you leave a link to the Global Cainiao tracking site on your website.


Should I put a link in a customer's delivery email notification instead of 17TRACK?

Yes. When your customer track the Singapore Post tracking number in 17track website, 17track track this number from Singapore Post as it belongs to Singapore Post. That's 4 days of "Couldn't find".


Should I remove the AfterShip tracking from my website and just rely on the email tracking link from 17TRACK?

A tracking app will generate a tracking page for you, which will bring customers back to your website and increase sales. So it worth itself.

TrackingMore app has a  courier matching function. I don't know whether if Aftership app has the same as us, maybe you can check Aftership's FAQ?


In TrackingMore app, the seller can choose courier for the tracking number. For example,

I add this tracking number into the testing Shopify store.


And set up the app,


And TrackingMore app will track all tracking numbers from Aliexpress first, then UPS, etc., and finally Singapore post if it's still no tracking info.



By the way, in Tracking More's email notification, it's also the same tracking info as Cainiao. It can also fix your problem too.



And if you want to know more about this app, click and visit here: TrackingMore Shopify App.