What's the most efficient/cheapest way of shipping ~50 orders a day from the UK?

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As the title says. Right now we're shipping around 50 orders a day using Royal Mail's Drop and Go service which means packaging orders, printing shipping/returns/customs labels, and dropping off at the Post Office every day. (And then manually copying and pasting each tracking number over to fulfill).

Obviously, this is all part of having a store, but does anyone from the UK have a more efficient way and/or cheaper way of fulfilling this many orders per day?

There seems to be a lot more options in the US. But the way we're doing it seems more time consuming than it really needs to be.

Any help or advice is appreciated.

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Hello @CharlieAldred 

Yes, this starts to become a problem as you grow. Storefronts are great for selling, but don't handle all the back end operations well. That's why we created Mozzo. It handles inventory management, order management, fulfillment and returns. It imports orders from your Shopify storefront, allows you to pick, pack (into multiple cartons if needed for a given order), can determine the best shipping carton to use, rate shop across carriers for the best rate, prints a shipping label to stick to the box, and exports the shipment details back to shopify, but also sends out a single shipping confirmation email to the customer with any and all tracking numbers in a single email. It will also keep your accounting system in sync...well for now, we just sync with QuickBooks, but looking to build adapters for Xero. 

Yes, we work with larger companies, but we also start small with 1 to 3 person teams and hope to be your long term partner and grow along side of you. 

If you're interested in learning more, check out our website: http://MozzoERP.com or let me know if you have any questions or would like to setup a call to discuss in more detail. Yes, we are US based, but we being a web-based app, it will work for you...and we support Royal Mail. 

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