What to do about local pickup and setting up by zip codes.

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Hi all, 

Local shop who has a lot of local customers that shop online and do order pickup.  Problem is the zero shipping charge for local pickup shows up as first line on shipping screen and non local customers are choosing this at checkout or not realizing that is what they chose.  Becoming a real pain emailing every order that needs to have additional shipping charges sent.  Help!  How do I set it up so that it comes after or goes by zip codes or something else.  I cannot do a discount code as only one code works at checkout and then my local customers couldn't enter a sale code.  


Hi @Jlook,

I have an idea for how you could do this!

You could insert an additional input field that is a required field - that will then determine the Postage selection. 

This would require a bit of custom javascript obviously to achieve.


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