When Does Third Party Shipping Make Sense? HELP!

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We are closing our Brick and Mortar we've run for 14 years and going online only. So far the ramp up to online is going great. We're seeing numbers similar to what we were doing with the store so I am super encouraged. Shipping has always been the thorn in our side. When we weren't focused on ecom we only shipped 6-10 orders out per day so we just never really spent the effort figuring out how to make shipping more efficient because it was such a small part of our business.

Now we're shipping a ton more and I suspect once we totally close the store and can really focus we're going to see that trend continue. We're looking for office space at the moment and trying to figure out if we're going to keep packing and shipping orders out ourselves or go with a third party fulfillment center. We're a multi-brand retailer so our margins aren't huge, which is important. 

Is there an obvious point at which going with a third party operation makes sense? If you're planing on scaling does it just make sense period so you can focus on the other stuff? Anyone have someone they prefer for our stage of things (while we aren't there yet I think I can safely say once the store is closed we'll be somewhere between 50-100 orders per day. Yes I realize that's a big range). 

Or really just any advice period would be really appreciated!

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Find a reliable 3rd party fulfillment service is more wise choice to help you focus on the store marketing, it also could help you solve lots of problems to save the order fulfillment cost and improve user experience.

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Shoot me an email at team@otwshipping.com and we can chat! We're great with companies with low order quantities and can get you great rates.