Which Shipping App is Best for Delivering in India?

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Hello Everyone,

I have been selling products on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay for a while. Now I am looking to build my own eStore. I have done some research and found that Shopify is a great platform to begin with. As my orders come from India only, I am looking for a suitable shipping app that can cover most of the areas in the country, including tier 1, 2, 3 cities. After doing a little bit of research and getting suggestions from others, I have been suggested this shiprocket app (https://apps.shopify.com/shiprocket) which claims they cover more than 19000 pin codes across the country. Before going forward, I would like to get views from the community users what they think about this app - whether they have used it or not and what's their experience.

Thanks in advance,

Dinesh Chandra

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Hi, Dinesh!

I’m Melissa, a Shopify Guru. Thanks for reaching out.  Shiprocket is a good choice if you have an account with Shiprocket. So if all your orders are coming and being sent within India, below you will find some other helpful apps that can help you get this all set up for you. I would suggest you take a look at each app and see which ones best fit the needs of your business. 


Hope this information helps! You can reach out to the Guru team https://help.shopify.com/questions if you have any questions.

Have a great day!

Melissa | Shopify Guru

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Our product ShopMaster(shopmaster.comcan help you create listings to different channels, like eBay, Amazon, Wish & Shopify. As the answer you requested, I will show you how to create Shopify listings from your eBay store via Shopmaster. Now everyone can get started with the FREE Starter Plan. There is no time limit.

Simply, you only need to import Shopify listings to ShopMaster, build your inventory from eBay, and then create new listings on Shopify.

Here are some Steps.

Step1: Import eBay/Amazon listings to ShopMaster

Before you import eBay/Amazon listings, you must connect your eBay, Amazon & Shopify store to ShopMaster first. 

After connecting to ShopMaster, you should choose the option “on” about “Automatically create products from imported listings”. You must do this operation because it will allow you to use the data found in your eBay/Amazon listings to build your ShopMaster inventory.

Step2: Create Shopify Listings from ShopMaster inventory

Once you have imported your eBay listings to ShopMaster and built your Inventory, you will be able to use your Inventory to create listings for eBay/Amazon(Wish is also available). Go to Product Manager in the Inventory tab. Here you will find all of your inventory that was created from eBay/Amazon listings.

To create Shopify listings, just click on the button “Shopping bag” in the Action list.

Create Shopify listing about the product imported from eBay/Amazon.

That’s all about how to move your eBay/Amazon listings to your Shopify store. Similarly, you can also move your  Wish listings to your Shopify store by ShopMaster.

you also can use Shopmaster(shopmaster.com) to scrape and import products from Aliexpress, 1688, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Banggood, Chinavasion & Alibaba,and then publish the product on your Wish, Shopify,eBay stores.

I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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It seems that you want to do the same thing.

ShopMaster (shopmaster.com) can help you create Listings from different channels, like eBay, Wish & Amazon, and then list the Listing on your Shopify store easily and quickly. Now you can get started with the FREE Starter Plan. There is no time limit.

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Hello @Dinesh2,


Apps like Shiprocket helps in handling the shipping without a carrier account. They provide you with their own rates with the carriers.

But, it is recommended to have a direct account with carriers. By having an account, shipping rates can be easily negotiated and it is convenient to contact the carriers in case of issues like delayed and undelivered shipments.

You can then use an app like the Multi Carrier Shipping Label, which allows you to integrate all major carriers like FedEx, Delhivery, Bluedart, etc and handle the complete shipping process. You can show live rates at checkout, print labels in bulk and also handle tracking.

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Since the question by Dinesh was raised a few years back, I would like to make this a generic answer such that all Indian store owners can get clarity on the subject. Ship rocket is a shipping reseller. They have accounts with carriers and provided discounted rates to their customers. If you do not want to have your own carrier account or are not getting an account as the carrier is complaining about low volumes, then going with a reseller makes sense. However, if you already have an account and are looking for a solution that can utilise your negotiated rates, then you can opt for the Multi Carrier Shipping label(MCSL) app. As far as reaching tier 1,2,3 places is concerned, the ideal way to tackle this problem would be to have two accounts from different carriers. For example, you can opt for a FedEx and a Dehlivery. Delhivery will reach those areas which FedEx doesn't and FedEx on the other hand will provide top notch delivery experience in cities and tier 2 locations. This way you can plan out your shipping.

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