Which USPS option will give me a tracking code?

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I'm just starting out and shipped my first order today.  My items ships in a bubble mailer and I was given 4 USPS options:

1st class mail

1st class package

Prioity mail

and then something else

I tried first class mail first and it didn't give my a tracking number.  So I cancelled it and then I went and purchased Priority mail (more expensive ) and it offered a tracking number.

Can anyone let me know which services offer tracking?  I called support but they directed me to the USPS website and it doesn't match what shopify is giving me. 


I would like to be able to purchase USPS shipping with a tracking number thru shopify.

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Shopify Staff
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Hi there Kathy,

This is Christie, a Shopify Guru here to help. Congrats on shipping your first order!  Sorry to hear that you are having issues with the various shipping methods offered by USPS; it sounds like the problem is that USPS isn't providing you with tracking info for certain types of shipments, is this correct?  If so, then at this time, your best option will be to contact them directly.  This is the direct line for Customer Support at USPS, 1-800-275-8777. Also, here is a link to the USPS Help Page.

Once you get a tracking number via USPS, you can add a tracking number, as well as the corresponding shipping provider, to an order while you are fulfilling it:

From your Shopify admin, click Orders.

  1. From the Orders page, click on an order number that has a Fulfillment status of Unfulfilled.

  2. Click Fulfill items.

  3. A Fulfill line items box appears.Fulfill line items sample

4. Type a tracking number in the Optional tracking number box.

5. Select your shipping provider from the drop-down via menu.

6. Click Fulfill items.

Shopify also offers tracking on all of our plans, and there are some really great apps that can help you and your customers track their orders - you may want to check out

Trackr - $9/month

Tracktor - $14.99/month

AfterShip which is one of our free options

Hope this info helps!  Please feel free to reach out to support@shopify.com if you run into any further issues with shipping.


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Have you ever used Etsy?  Just saying it seems like something this used and this simple, should be made simple by Shopify.  I couldn't be the only one with this question.  I know that you have nothing to do with Etsy, but as an example of what a shipping screen might could look like, that really works, you should check it out. 

All of the answers I get from Shopify tell me to call USPS.  Shopify should give me the answer.  But then again, I guess your not "Shipify"

Oh well, I think I will use the USPS website for shipping instead of trying to use your integrations.


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By default USPS provides tracking numbers to shipments from any service be it First Class Package®, Priority Mail®, and Parcel Select® services. Are you sure you are not getting tracking?

Can you please try to recreate the shipment and then check again. For prevention of such problems, it would be better if you can use an app that can display the complete transaction. hence it would be easier to debug. You can try the Multi Carrier Shipping label app for this.

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