Will the GENERAL PROFILE for Shipping Override App Specific Shipping Profiles, i.e. Printful?

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Trying to understand the difference between the Shopify General Profile for Shipping and my fulfillment service's shipping profile. Will one override the other? At present, selling t-shirts and hoodies. I'm using cost based shipping, free over a certain $ amount and flat rate under that $ amount. The flat rates will vary based on shipping destination so I know that multiple profiles are needed for various geographic regions. I'd prefer not to set all this up in both the Shopify profile and the Printful App profile on Shopify (both within Settings/Shipping).


Thanks for any insight on this challenging topic.

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Hey @pulsetones,


Shipping profiles are designed to group products together for assigning shipping costs.  Each product variant can belong to only a single profile.


This means that you can create and add items such as Hoodies to one profile and set up a unique pricing structure for these items, then repeat for other product groups with their own custom tiered pricing model.


Shopify will then blend costs from multiple profiles in two ways:

1.  Shipping methods with the same name will be added together.

2.  The cheapest shipping method from each profile will be added together.


I hope this helps!




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