Worst Experience with Stripe Payment Gate. How many people using Stripe?

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Thank you for the insights. 

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Is it easy to integrate a traditional merchant account thru a bank with shopify? What must be done for that?


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I have been using Stripe for my online Shopify site. Two weeks ago, Shopify stopped paying out the money my customers were giving them. They gave no notice – and no explanation. Two weeks of constant online chats and emails provided no answers. Shopify said it was Stripes fault. Stripe said it was Shopify. After initiating legal action to get back the $52000 from Shopify, they suddenly 'found' the 52K. Apparently Stripe had frozen my account for 'review' without informing me and without admitting they had done so. We had done nothing wrong. This sort of action could break a small business (and nearly did.) Beware of this shonky company! DO NOT USE STRIPE!


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I must join the group of persons having to complain BIG TIME against STRIPE.

After working with them for few days, I received an email from them saying they stop the services because someone used a card without the consent of the owner.

I mean, it can happen anytime, something like that, and here no money were lost because I refunded the customer anyway before sending the goods.
How can you imagine that a processor act like this for ONE problem happening ONCE!

Now they flagged my website as a risky business, for that, and even Braintree refuse to work with me EXCLUSIVELY because of Stripe flagging me.
When you add up all those together, you can only say : DO NOT WORK WITH STRIPE! EVER!
Not only they are the most unprofessional processor I ever seen but they don't protect you at all not bear any responsibilities.
I wrote a comment on BBBusiness.com, Stripe answered me that following their Terms Of Uses, they don't protect you, can stop their service anytime for any reason, don't have to justify anything, can stop the MONEY TRANSFER ANYTIME, and so on....
So yes, if you work with Stripe, you REALLY are running a risky business!!!

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Wow,  I read all your experiences with Stripe. It looks like it should be called STRIP.  And I read such good things on 60 minutes about how these 2 kids started it in the Netherlands.

Here is my dilema. I sell Apple related stuff. I'm trying to do more direct business to my site.  I moved from OpenCart to Shopify. I want to avoid transaction fees because my markup is under 20% 

I received a notice after 3 weeks that my stripe account closed for high risk. Eventhough none of my items are on the restricted list. They offered no assistance to provide another solution.  It looks like they want to drive me to the 2% transaction fee or upgrade my subscripion.  I feel it was bait and switch.

After spending so much time and money switching to Stripe, I was hoping for a little bid of compasion and flexibility and overall a complete web solution. Not just a bunch on No, No, No and Sorry, Sorry, Sorry.

I would love to say with Shopify, but it feels like I'm entering a long term commitment of disappointments.  Anybody have any advice going forward.


Thank You.



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It is something people say about Stripe payment.

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if you had a chargeback, it's because the issuing bank accepted the customer's request for a chargeback. You can't blame Stripe for that. end.

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My experience with stripe


the beginning.

  • launched a company
  • Went international 
  • Built an open payment gateway that had fraud protection 

the build

  • we used both PayPal and stripe
  • ​​​​​no charge back from PayPal.  Fraud protect system works and was sufficient in acquired information to pass any inspection of transaction via ip. 
  • stripe.com listed all transactions as fraudulent based on EIN numbers.  We were 100 % legit. They took over 3000 in prior sales, 1200 of which came directly out of someone's social security funds. Then they complained to the authorities about harassment after stealing this former us marines money because it threw him into a ptsd episode. 
  • They tried to return 515 dollars of that man's money,  which was returned to back to stripe.com which immediately was immediately followed by his detaiNing
  • That man spent 2 months in jail over harassment of his social security funds being garnished illegally as stripe.com was made aware of the situation.
  • There is now a nocontact order between that man and stripe.com / ceo jon zeiger.


they still have not returned his cash, nor followed up with proper research on the business transactions which were shown as legit.


they even labeled donations from menial fundraisers from local friends as fraudulent.



If you use this company, be prepared for being robbed, and them using the fbi, and local Authorities to cover up their own illegal activities. 


their game is simply to create a system that  taxes the merchant literally out of business, by way of financing and product.


we know this. Personally.  Due to this experience our lives will never be the same. Thanks.

we will be seeking damages. 

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I just had the worst experience of my life dealing with Stripe. The worst part is it was reccommended by shopify customer services. 
I lost $1000+ within the first month of using Stripe. Every single transaction that made it pass their "Improved Radar" for fraud detection turned out to be a fraud/scam. I still went through the entire process of filling up the dispute forms etc. EVEN WITH PROOF OF DELIVERY, tracking information, proof of the items sent out, picutres all of the items, the cases were reviewed in the fraud's favor and I lost my money, products and wasted a whole bunch of f***king time dealing with all this BS. 

Stripe's customer service just kept sending me paragraphs of useless texts and links that just wasted my damn time I asked a question or even replied an email. It has been the most retarded, stupid, frustrating months of my life dealing with all this nonsense. 



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I have had totally crap experience with Stripe too - my problems don't compare with the scale of some other people on here, but wanted to warn people as Stripe still haven't sorted their SH1T out obviously - the first complaints were back in 2014/15 - it is now April 2017. 

Money deposited by customer 4 weeks ago now - failed at first attempt to pay me as they amalgamated the name on my Stripe account (business name) with my bank account details (personal account) so it failed. I had to use rubbish chat support - "computer says no", "can't help", "not my job" etc..you get the picture.

Having then provided my IBAN number - they told me that my bank account number didn't have enough digits in it!!! Well it did because we have a standard 8 or 9 digit code in the UK and have had for many years!!!  Having resolved the name issue and the IBAN issue myself, the payment has failed another twice.

Each time, there is nothing the chat support op can do to speed the payment up. I had an email from Stripe this Monday (11th April) stating transfer was being made (I stupidly assumed the money would be paid into my account yesterday or today!!!) and on Stripe dashboard, it states that the payment will reach my account on 18th April. WTF??!!!

That money was paid to me 4 weeks ago via Stripe, 3 payments failed through no fault of my own. Stripe won't accept any of this is their fault although another user above in this topic, has had the exact same problem. I have never had this problem with any other PG in 10 years!!

RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT USE SHOPIFY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!