Wrong charges on credit cards

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I recently launched my dropshipping website with few products added from spocket to it, and I also installed a point base app “ smile.io” to the store, then I did a purchase test using smile promo code which supposed to give ten dollars discount on 20$ product on the shopping cart. Everything was running smoothly, but once I clicked to submit the order, it gave me credit card RED error, I tried it twice but faced the same error” credit card can not be charged “ I checked my orders list as the store owner and I couldn’t see any order on my store either.

But I checked my online bank statement as the customer & saw two Charges of 10$ each has been placed on My credit card!

this is extremely scary and dangerous because that means in the future, any customer who uses a smile.io point system for my website, which is highly recommended by the Shopify team, can be charged for purchases that never been placed.

Customers will see my store name Wishboxers.com on their bank statement without even I, as the store owner, be aware of it.

Where does this money go to?

As a store owner, I do not see any order that has been placed, and I can’t even refund the money to my wrongly being charged future & valuable customers.

Who can help me, how this is possible?

If I can have someone familiar with this issue who can help me, I’ll be much appreciated.

Thank you