Your Shopify Payments account is on hold

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It does seem ironic. So it seems Shopify, think they are doing us a favour by letting us sell on their platform. The irony is, unlike big name Online marketplaces, Shopify deliver no traffic nor offer marketing of our products in with the fees we agree to pay them.
Shopify are nothing more than a software company with a payment processing option.
Shopify need to understand that unlike those world famous marketplaces, they do not hold all the cards. To switch from Shopify to BigCommerce seems pretty simple and straight forward. I am a little bit sad for Shopify. The reason I went with them in the first place was because a business bank manager in Bal Harbour recommended them to me when I expanded my UK operations into Florida!
It seems that since then, Shopify have determined that they can now dictate how much you charge for something and whether or not you need a letter from JK Rowling to sell Harry Potter branded goods sourced from Costco.
After reading that I am not the only one to encounter completely ridiculous and authotitarian behaviour by shopify, I will be moving to their competitor BigCommerce
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Hi Frabco, 

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Did you ever have to send proof of inventory? I am being asked for this and now they have put a 90 day hold on my payments and I have a balance of $30,000? Is this legal? You be been in business for 2 months and have postive reviews and all my orders have been getting shipped in a timely manner
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No need BigCommerce already have their own FREE migration app that worked perfectly and took less than a few minutes
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The problem is, it seems to me that Shopify employs kids to do their support and account verification. They seem to be poorly trained and lacking in business acumen. Below is an example of how unprofessional and lacking in business knowledge these guys are.

Remember that Costco is a wholesale supplier who has vendors holding licenses for their products and sell to Costco in order for their goods to enter the supply chain. I am based in the UK and here we are well within the law to buy a genuine product from a supplier and resell it for our own asking price. In the UK, it is in-fact illegal to act in any way that could be considered cartel behaviour. It seems to me, if Shopify persists, they will find themselves at the sharp end of a UK court or worse, the EU Commission.

Here is the transcript. Note how unprofessional he is and the silly links he posts for backing up his argument.

14:55 James: I am thinking of leaving shopify

14:56 Myron: Hi James, This is Ron your Shopify Guru!

I appreciate your time in contacting us. What's the matter? Would you mind giving me some details on why you're close on deciding to close your account with us?

14:57 James: OK so your payments team has restricted my payouts because they said I had Harry Potter ghoods for sale and they wanted me to provide a letter from the owner of Harry Potter to say I had permission to sell Harry Potter. This is ridiculour. Harry Potter merchandise is sold via many wholesale suppliers

14:57 James: So I removed the harry potter cloaks I bought from Costco

14:58 James: so this morning, I found my Alcohol hand gels had been removed because they say I am charging too much. My price was actually reasonable and in line with the current prices in local stores

14:58 James: Honestly, Shopify is worse thasn Amazon

14:59 James: unless this is resolved, I will migrate to Big Commerce

15:01 Myron: I see where you're coming from. The thing is, for the first product which are the Harry potter goods. Yes they are being sold almost everywhere. But most of these are not licensed to sell copyright products. If there would be someone to file a complaint againts the seller and the seller cannot provide proof that he is authorized to sell the trademark. Then that is a breach of the law. We don't tolerate that within Shopify. As much as possible, we want to be fair for everybody. There are authorized resellers in our platform who paid all the expenses to get the license.

15:02 James: The items I had which were

15:02 James: out of stock came from Costco

15:02 James: I don't think Costco are going to sell fakes

15:03 Myron: Yes, costco will most likely have a permit. But when you purchased it from costco, that's where the problem starts.

15:03 Myron: The permit is only within Costco. Reselling it would not cover that

15:03 James: The vendor sells to Costco and know they are a wholesaler. Costco is a WHOLESALER

15:03 James: So there is no problem at all

15:05 James: Amazon allowed me to sell the item on their platform without an issue so how come, Shopify, a software company is now deciding who can sell what?

15:06 Myron: I get what you mean, but the thing is, the permit that Costco has. Is only for Costco. Specially Harry potter merchandise. This is a very strict line of products and one of the hardest to get a reseller ID for.

15:07 James: Well I have had no problem selling any of those goods anywhere else online so I guess you can see why I am considering leaving Shopify.

15:07 Myron: Amazon also restricts Harry potter goods as per this blog.

15:07 James: That isn't even a link to Amazon?

15:08 James: I have been selling online for 15 years

15:08 James: OK well I removed the harry potter cloaks as Costco no longer have them so please can you ask the team to release my funds

15:09 Myron: You can also search anywhere about sellign harry potter products and they will all show that its not legal unless you have a permit since JK Rowling has a line of merchandise and they really sue people with copyright infringement.

15:10 Myron: Here's one from quora,

15:10 James: Honestly, this is so unprofessional, a guru arging!

15:11 James: with a customer

15:11 James: clearly I am not a valuedcustomer

15:12 Myron: We value you as a merchant. We wouldn't want any law issues to be sent to you as that will show our negligence in protecting you. We want you to have a business without any problems. That's what we are aiming here. Hope you understand.

15:13 James: I told you I have been selling online for 15 years and I am completely aware of what I can and cannot sell

15:14 James: But I thank shopify for their concern.

15:14 Myron: As for the products like alcohol and handgels, this should be easily resolved by getting screenshots of other resellers having prices around yours. Amazon, eBay, other merchants. Just a proof that you have an average price and not gouging. That's part of the new covid19 requirements sent to us by governments as well.

15:15 James: Honestly lol I am, based in the UK and there is no law on pricing.

15:17 Myron: This is something global. profiteering on covid19 necessities. UK as well are monitoring these cases. I tried searching for one proof for you.

15:18 James: However I have not reinstated anyh listings removed by Shopify so and the Harry pottr items have been deleted. so I would ask my payments be released

15:18 James: OK thanks for the information

15:18 Myron: Any country are monitoring these price gouging for products that are used for Covid19.

15:19 Myron: The Harry potter looks settled already. We just need to settle the alcohols and handgels.

15:19 James: Please can you stop refering to my company as price Gouging

15:19 James: we are an honest company that has been trading online for 15 years. I actuallf feel quite insulted

15:20 James: as I have said, I have not reinstated any of the items Shopify deacivated so that should be resolved also

15:21 Myron: We're not saying that you are doing this violation. We are looking for proof that your price is right for the said product to be in retail. -
- Evidence that products related to the current coronavirus pandemic are priced fairly.
Typically, a product price should not be set at a price higher than what was charged immediately before the Covid-19 outbreak was recognized. To provide evidence of the fair price of a product, provide a link to the online price from a national retail chain in your area. This excludes prices from 3rd party sellers listed in online marketplaces.
- Confirmation that you have removed or modified the pricing of the applicable product(s).
- If your product prices include shipping costs, we recommend you instead set up shipping rates and modify your product price so it reflects fair pricing.
- A request that Shopify re-review your products because they’ve been misidentified and are not medical supplies or products related to the coronavirus pandemic.

15:22 James: I am not interested in selling on Shopify anymore

15:22 Myron: Alright, So if you do not wish to sell these products anymore. We can skip to the last step. Just respond to the email send to you by our Risk team to let them know this and that should resume your payouts in the next business day.

15:23 James: they did not send me a email about the hand gels

15:23 James: that was someone else

15:23 James: do you know how tedius this is?

15:24 James: tedious

15:24 James: really did think shopify was a business solution lol

15:25 Myron: Its the same team that handles these cases. You can either respond to any of those emails about the removal of the products to resume the payouts. As far as I can see, your response was to review the product prices. This team is strict when it comes to policy and they will just respond to you asking for the proof list I send above

15:25 James: OK, can you update the case?

15:25 James: inform them I am not relisting those products

15:26 Myron: Yes, I can send a note on that email about our conversation.

15:26 Myron: They should be able to respond today.

15:27 James: OK that would be prefect if you could. That way I can then decide if I would still like to use your product

15:27 James: I have no doubt Shopify has good intentions

15:27 Myron: Alright, Let's go with that for now.

15:28 Myron: Yea, its just a troublesome process. But we really do wish you to have a good business.

15:28 James: And I do appreciate your customer support

15:28 James: Good. I do have a growing business and I need a solution I can rely on

15:29 Myron: For now, I'll let the team know about our chat and the decision. Then we can wait for them to respond on the email with you. That should settle things and release your payouts.

15:29 James: great . thank you and have a good rest of your day

15:30 Myron: You as well.
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Do as they say and get your money. The leave
These guys are a joke. BigCommerce converts more sales in the first day than shopify did in a week.
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No because I removed shopify payments from my store. I had read about the proof of inventory request which I think is ridiculous, especially when they promote/allow dropshipping apps. I have never heard of a store having to show their inventory receipts to a creditor or ecommerce provider until shopify came along. They are very good at spinning themselves in the media as working to help small businesses yet they are holding funds and hurting the very businesses they claim to assist, all while making interest off the withheld funds. I am in the process of migrating to bigcommerce as I don't like the underhandedness of their dealings.

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I am migrating to bigcommerce however didn't like the mess the free app provided and having to lose all my customer/order information from shopify. If you have the time to clean it up and don't mind losing info then the free app is fine. I however am going with LitExtension.

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Which payment gateway do you guys use now? I am gonna definitely switch BigCommerce though, but I receive atleast 30 orders per day. I am also in the process of refunding every customer that purchased during the time they had my account on hold. I’m currently using temporary because they only are allowing me to receive $4,000 a month which I will reach by tomorrow. I’m so lost
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I am using Stripe and Paypal as my payment providers but BigCommerce has many options. You could select from many available options. You would need to do some research with them to ensure they are happy with whatever it is you sell. It is easy, just email their sales teams first and explain what you wan't to do. BigCommerce also supports linking proper merchant accounts that you would setup with a bank so you can take a look at that too.
From what I gather, shopify is now losing loads of customers to other providers. That is what happens when you put your customer service and account management into the hands of kids. I won't be buying shopify shares anytime soon