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Hello all,


I was wondering, is there an easy way to add the same delivery time notice to all your products?


Can this be done without a shopify app that costs 10 dollar a month just to add a small information sentence about the shipping time? 

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Hi Frederiek,


Yes! Edit your webstore theme code and usually Sections/product-template.liquid is the file you would want to make changes in to affect all products. Can you also clarify what same delivery time notice would be? Is that static text "Same Delivery Time" or will you be displaying delivery times that are dynamically changing? If so you'll have to go with a custom or public app. You also mentioned something. 



Can this be done without a shopify app that costs 10 dollar a month just to add a small information sentence about the shipping time? 

We at Achieve Applabs realize that each merchant have specific needs. We can offer Shopify custom app development on a server we maintain. In the future you want to add more functionality? Just pay for the development and keep the same monthly plan since it would be hosted on the same server. 

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Hi @Frederiek,


Your customers want to know exactly when an order arrives. And when you mess up these delivery date estimates, you’ll probably hear from them about it. This doesn’t need to be an arbitrary estimation either. You don’t have to just let the carrier determine the information for you. 

With ShipperHQ, it’s to set up rules around your estimated delivery dates for production and dispatch, like cut-off times, lead times, blackout dates and maximum time in transit.


You can get in touch with our sales team, and they would be happy to discuss further. Or you can sign up for a free 30-day trial and see how ShipperHQ works for you.

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Hi @Frederiek 

I found this article: Simple step to display estimated delivery date on Shopify. With this instructional writing, you can easily display delivery time on your Shopify store with no money requirement.

But if you want to make it easier, you can try free apps on this list 17 Best Shopify delivery date apps in 2020

Hope it's useful to you.

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