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I am new to Shopify but have been using WIX for a long time....we use shipping easy on wix but I have never really figured out how to use it to its full potential so I know just enough to get the job done everyday but I'm not as efficient as I should be.  A new developer at our company is building our new site in Shopify so I am transferring to this platform and want to set it up the right way from the beginning....what is the best shipping service to use with Shopify?

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Which carrier you are planning to use for shipping? 

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Depending on how you would like to ship may have a big impact. Do you plan on using live carrier rates, custom rates, or a combination of the two? And what controls do you need to put into play, such as location control, product restrictions, or the like? 


For shipping, are you looking for a fulfillment provider for purchasing labels, or are you looking for rates at checkout?

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