e-commerce fulfillment questions

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Hi! I'm Michael from Fulfillrite, a Shopify partner. While order fulfillment seems like the last piece in the e-commerce sales cycle, the earlier you think about it the better off you will be. We field lots of questions here at Fulfillrite.com about fulfillment, shipping, warehousing, importing, packaging, rates, and payments. Shopify has done a great job working on seamless integration with our software, and we are constantly developing deeper intelligent integrations and solutions. Still, ecommerce entrepreneurs are all unique (which is why we love our customers!) and have different needs. I am starting this post to help try to answer your fulfillment questions, and to be a guide for you to make the most informed decisions. Whether you are just starting out and don't have your store online yet, or you are a fully operational ecommerce business, ask general or specific questions here. We're here to help! 

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