effect on conversions by enabling multiple currencies

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Hi community 

We haven't enabled multiple currencies yet because we are not located in a country that supports shopify payments. We see a problem when customers see the product prices in their home currency and then it changes back to USD at checkout. Customers might wonder why it changed back to USD and may be suspicious about that.

Do you have any idea if a multiple currency app would improve our conversion rate or even cause the opposite? 

We appreciate any help and would be so thankful for support.

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Giuseppe from nineplanets.shop

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Hi- A multiple currency app displaying prices and checking out with visitors' local currencies can definitely increase conversion rate,  by presenting information relevant to your visitors seamlessly. 


If you can't implement multi-currency solution, you may potentially consider running multi-sites serving different domains. Each domain can display and check out with a different currency, like exampleshop.com with USD, exampleshop.cou.uk with GBP. Among multiple websites URLs, you may use IP geolocation tools, for example, Geo Redirect to auto direct your visitors to correct websites based on their locations. It is easy to set up redirecting rules within few steps . No code is necessary. 


Hope it helps!