formatting exported order files so they're compatible with UPS?

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My store opens this coming Wednesday. Yesterday, I was trying to export a file with a test order in it and upload it as a batch so that I don't have to type orders manually into to print labels. The problem is, the shopify file and UPS are not compatible.

These are the requirements for the file:

I am also attaching the error message I get when I upload the file.

My questions are:
1. Is it possible to configure the file on the shopify side so that it works at UPS?
2. If not, is there another solution?

I have spoken to UPS tech support, and shopify, and emailed shopify support... haven't heard back yet. I cannot imagine anyone has to manually input orders when they have multiple orders a day! There must be a way, right?

Thanks for your help.


@cuteheads : You may have to write a script for this as there are conditions to upload it in UPS website. This would require some work. You can approach Shopify experts for this. Alternatively, you can use the Multi carrier Shipping label app to show shipping rates at checkout, generate labels in bulk and perform order fulfilment. So there is no need to manually import orders into UPS.