how to add one more field in the billing address

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I am making onlien shopping mall in Ecuador.

To make invoice, I need TAX ID by law of Ecuador government.

But in the customer address form when customer make order, there is no field of TAX ID.

To solve the problem, I added one field of TAX ID in creation of customer's account.

In my online mall, creation of  customer's account is mandatory because it is only way to get customer's

TAX id,

but, when the address of customer and billing address is differen, customer has to inpurt billing address 

informacon when he do checkout. but in the billing adrres form,  there is no field to get TAX ID.

So, if possible, I would like to add one more field to get TAX ID when checkout.

please help me




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Hi, oh chang!

My name is Tira, and I am a Shopify Guru ready to help.

Currently, adding a new form field to checkout is not an available feature. This is because modifying the checkout is very limited, as it could cause disruption to the checkout.

I appreciate that you added the field into the customer registration form as a workaround to collect the Tax ID from your customers.

There’s two recommendations that I can suggest:

1) Rename a title in the checkout contact section to include the Tax ID. For example, you could rename “Billing Address” to “Billing Address & Tax ID” so that the customer knows to type that in. To change the title, you can go into your Shopify admin, then click on Themes > Actions > Edit Language > Checkout & system > Checkout contact. We’ve also got a help doc on using the language editor here.

2) Add a field form to your cart page, by using cart attributes. We do have a tutorial here: Collect information from the customer’s cart that shows the steps on how to add this to your cart attribute’s code. This is an advanced tutorial that would be outside our scope of support. If you require further help with this tutorial, you can contact a Shopify Expert who can help you with this coding customization.

I will send up some feedback to our developers so that they are aware this is a feature we should add to our checkout page,and look into further. We value your feedback very much as this helps us improve the platform to help you succeed with your store. If we do add this feature, we will let you and all of our merchants know.

I am also curious to see what suggestions the coding experts of the community can provide!

Tira | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Oh for Christ's sake, it's been YEARS without this absolutely CRUCIAL feature for merchants in countries which require us to get the Tax ID and/or other extra customer information in order to issue invoices and sell legally!

It has cost me and my store hundreds of hours to manually separate the data we gather from customers because you simply WON'T LET US add an extra field; honestly, just an extra "address3" field would allow me to free up an employee to do something actually productive.


How hard can it be?? Just add a couple more options here!!!!!




Cart attributes won't cut it!

It will add an extra step to stores like mine which go from product page to checkout, and hurt conversion rates.


All Brazilian merchants are required to gather customer information very specifically in order to properly issue invoices. You guys are driving us nuts.


I don't want to read that this will be sent to developers; it's the 10th time I'm personally asking for this in the last 4 years.

Give me a developer's TELEPHONE, I'll call him first thing tomorrow and ask for this. Or give me the COO's number or whatever.

It is unacceptable that this has been neglected for so long.

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From 01/01/2020 Brazilian Customs are returning or destroying packages without tax id.


I also asked Shopify to allow an additional field and they were very unhelpful.


Unfortunately Shopify prioritises North American stores and struggles to understand how large ecommerce markets like Brazil operate.

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I could not agree more @lucaspon it is just one of those ridiculously rigid aspects of Shopify that are simply infuriating. There is a long list of seemingly simple features that are just essential to running an online business which are not possible to implement because Shopify does not allow it. 


I know it's not going to make a difference but I'll try too: please, Shopify, allow some extra fields at check out so that businesses which are legally required to collect a person's VAT number can do so in a natural way and not some kind of ridiculous workaround that just has the effect of making your business look like an incompetent, amateurish mess (plus not actually complying with the law). 


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Yes and it also causes a mayhem of improperly collected customer information and misplaced orders to wrong addresses. 
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hi everyone, same problem here.

No way to find a app as well tha can manage the shipping and billing information during check-out process.

are there any news?

thank you


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Hello, i have found this webpage that has that option working. Anyone knows how to do it?


Captura de Pantalla 2020-04-29 a la(s) 11.10.30 a. m..png

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@estebanvivar It looks like they changed the company field translation and made company name then required. It's a workaround but its still ridiculous that Shopify is so ignorant to the rest of the world.

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Please add this feature. It is absolutely necessary for working internationally