linking my product with the shipping costs for custom profiles.

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Hi I recently started this website and I sell art prints, canvases, mixed media pictures, disks, gifts, I have managed to set everything up ok so far but I can't understand how to link my product to my shipping profiles. I set up packages with sizes and weights then custom profiles for all my different sizes,prices and materials eg print and canvas. I want to ship to Uk and Europe only. I have worked out all the prices and put them in custom rates, But I discovered that when I go to checkout there are free standard delivery as it is just using my general profile which I have nothing in. How do I get rid of the general profile as I cant use flat rates it needs to be custom shipping section I use as I have so many different items and prices. I have a basic shop. Not shopify plus. This is the only thing I cant do and its so frustrating. Can anyone help?