netParcel rates appear incorrect

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I have carrier shipping netParcel API installed.  The rates that are returned at checkout appear to be rounded up to the nearest dollar.  The rates do not match what is calculate with netParcel quote tool.  Here are two examples:

UPS Standard $14.00 instead of $13.11

UPS Expedited $15.00 instead of $14.34

There is no Markup or Flat Fee on the shipping rate

Could there be a setting that I am missing?




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Usually these minor changes may occur because UPS has different rate types. You need to check with Netparcel which rate type they are using.

For example, 

Daily rates

Retail rates

Rates associated with shipper, etc

You can change these settings in the Multi Carrier Shipping label app and so these minor changes can be seen and corrected. Other than that i do not see any specific problem as :

- if there would have been a change in weight then the price quoted would have been different
- Similar case with dimensions.


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