%off Discount Code means Free shipping threshold not met

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So I'm trying to think of a work-around or find an app - or some way to deal with the following:

At present I have a 15% off discount code active

I also have several free shipping rates applied (free standard shipping over £40, Free next day shipping over £100, Free worldwide shipping over £100)

Customers may spend time putting together an order to meet a certain free-shipping threshold  - for example they may have a cart total of £108 to qualify for free next day delivery. However when they apply the 15% dicount code, the 15% decreases their total to £91.80 and therefore they no longer qualify for free shipping.  - this is a real put-off and as you can imagine is leading to abandoned checkouts, to me it is giving customers the impression of distrust, as if we are trying to con them into spending more.

Percentage & money-off discounts will be an ongoing incentive for the store, and I really need these to be applied without the free shipping being affected - of course free shipping for all orders would solve this, but we are not in a position to offer this. 

Does anyone know of a way around this? 

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Lauren,

Nick here, A Shopify Guru :)

The easiest fix for this would be to notify the customer of this fact. There is no way to implement logic on the checkout to change shipping rates based on whether a discount is used, so letting customers know to either take a discount, or free shipping, would be one resolution. The app at this link would be ideal.

Depending on the amounts, another way to fix this would be to rename the rates to show a higher amount, but keep the rates at the same level. You would also have to change any other info on the free rates to match. Here's an explanation:

In your admin, let's say you have a free rate for orders over $100. In your use case, the users get to that level of order value, and apply a 15% discount.

Using the discount, that brings the cart value down to $85, thus no free shipping.

However, if we were to change the info on the rates, and where the free shipping conditions are displayed to the customer, what we can do is change the free shipping display conditions (not the actual rate) to $116, then when the discount is applied, the order value is $101, which still qualifies for the free shipping rate :)

Hope this makes sense! Give us a shout on the Support Channels if you get stuck! You can reference this post :)

Thanks for reaching out to us today! :)

Shopify Guru


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I just want to see if there's an update here or if this can get into the queue. With big players offering free shipping on total retail price and not total discounted price, the fact that I can't offer that on my store is tough, especially since we don't offer a lot of products in the $5-$20 range.