options for automating cart process from email.

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Any advice greatly appreciated. I have had a quick search here and could not find the answer elsewhere.


I have a basic Shopify theme, the site is new/testing. I offer a standard dropshipping of a product but my main issue is that I design personal portraits, which the customer received by email and can accept and buy, request an amendment, or reject. It is just the accept process I need assistance with.


The process is the customer is sent a manual email (from template) with an attachment that allows them to review, and hopefully like/accept. The email (can come from Klaviyo, Shopify, Gmail TBC) allows the customer to accept, and then select one of 6 sizes. Each size has a pre-set price, which is fixed. That's it.


I need to automate this process so from within that email if the customer accepts and selects  a size, it automatically places in the Shopify cart so the customer can pay. I then will have to manually place the correct product via my dropshipping app in orders, to fulfil it.


So I have an email template (what to use) to solve (I have Klaviyo for email lists) and then I need to move them from this email template into a payment of invoice position.  


What I don't want is to have a delay in accepting the payment or creating the invoice for the customer to pay the next day, really want a mechanism for taking a payment immediately the customer accepts a design.


Views? And apologies if this is elsewhere I could not see it.