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am i spending my own money to fulfill orders? 

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Hi @priscillatay,


Nick here from Shopify. 


Yes, you would be spending your own money and working out the fulfillment aspect of things regarding your store. Shopify provides the software and platform for you to run your business, but wouldn't get involved in any of the day to day operations such as fulfilling orders or any financials. 


You can find out more about fulfilling orders from Shopify's help documents here and also about using fulfillment and drop shipping services here. If you have any other questions about anything, don't hesitate to ask in a reply. 


Hope this helps and answers your question. 


All the best, Nick

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify
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Hi Priscilla,


Like @Nick said, Shopify is not responsible for fulfilling your orders and you will have to figure that out on your own. If you want some help, I can give you the basics.


When fulfilling orders, you really only have two options: do it yourself or outsource. I'm not sure what stage you're at in the carousel of eCommerce, but if you're still a small fry, you can probably get by on the DIY method until you become, well, a large fry. 


Getting set up with fulfilling orders by yourself shouldn't be too hard. All you need is a way to print out shipping labels, shipping materials, and a way to ship your products out. Some people like to stick to one shipping carrier, others like to shop around, but remember that you will be limited by your low shipping volume. Shipping carriers will give out discounts based on the volume of each account, which is a benefit to outsourcing, which we'll get to in a moment. 


Although fulfilling your own orders might seem pretty straightforward at first, beware. The moment you'll start growing, you'll have to hire someone else to fulfill the orders for you. If you manage to do it yourself, you'll find your time pretty tightly squeezed as you'll also have to take care of marketing, customer service, product sourcing, etc. Assuming that you're a one-woman show.


Now, with outsourcing, you're basically handing all of that over to a third-party. Choosing the right company for you is the most stressful part of the process because, ideally, you won't have to worry about much afterwards. Inventory management, receiving goods, shipping out orders, etc. will all be handled by other people who (hopefully) have quite the firm grasp on what they're doing.


I happen to work for a fulfillment center called ShipMonk, and we preoccupy ourselves very much with making the transition as smooth as possible and ensuring great service after the shift has been made. However, we like to stay realistic. Here are some articles that might help you when considering outsourcing:


I'd like to make a quick little note as well in terms of "using your own money." Ideally, in a business, you're not using your own personal money but rather re-investing the money you earn into a necessary business operation. The money a business earns belongs to that business until you receive a paycheck, and that paycheck is yours to keep, separately from the business! I say this because maintaining that initial separation is super important when scaling and growing what will hopefully become a very successful business!


That's it for my quick little guide! I hope it was helpful to you. Best of luck!

Marketing Specialist @ ShipMonk