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Please help meeeee!!!


I have a basic shopify plan, my online store is super small because I have only a few products (I am trying to sell them by online), so, I will only deliver my products in two little cities, I have already the postal codes, but, I can't configure it :(, I am going to deliver the products by my own, so I don't need any carrier service, how can I configure it? wich app can I use to do that in a basic shopify plan?


Please helpe me! :(


Hi there,


If you're looking at doing delivery charges using an app, you will need to contact Shopify to have the third-party calculated rates feature added to your plan. It is $20/month, or if you switch to annual billing, it's free. Even if you are not using carriers, this feature will still be necessary.


If you do go this route, Intuitive Shipping can definitely help you by allowing you to create shipping subzones using your postal codes for calculating your rates, as well as restricting customers that are outside of your delivery zone. If you have any questions about this, I'd be happy to help!

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