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Hi, i just set up a gallery for my product and service, some is a full payment item, and some is our service which collecting a percentage of deposit.
When i am setting the price, i can not find a set up of the percentage charge. 
when my service is 6000 and i want to collect 50% payment, i need to set the payment in 3000 and the category will also show 3000, which make it confuse when client browsing my product category

may i know if there set up i can do for the deposit charge but will not make it confuse for the service price in category ?

my store is

Thanks a lot

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Hey there Thomas!

My name is John and I'm a Guru here at Shopify!

Thanks for posting here about your need for a partial payment/deposit system for your store.

We usually see merchants add this functionality by way of a partner app.

There are a couple of these you can check out for adding this to your store.

Have a look at DeferPay and Payment Plans
to see if either of these would suit your needs.

You can always get in touch with any apps' developers by using the email address or contact form on the app store page.

They will be best positioned to field questions on their app and will always want to hear from prospective customers of theirs!

Best of luck with everything here Thomas. :)


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I would like this option too like many many other Shopify customers. The Defer Pay link doesn’t work and partially isn’t on the Shopify App Store.

Can you please provide some other options? Thank you,