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I am a new ecommerce drop shipping store and signed up with shopify.  I have uploaded products from Oberlo and I use aliexpress.  I do not understand the shipping and how to set it up. I have read so much and it all has something different to say so needless to say i am very confused. 

if i put free shipping then you can check out however, (it does not give the customer an option to pick a different method of shipping) it does not tell the customer how long before the orders arrives either.

What i need to know how to do is this;

i want to be able to offer my customer's different shipping options and the ability for them to see and choice the delivery arrival date with the shipping method they choose. Keeping in mind I am drop shipping so i do not have my own products.


I really do need help, I have asked this question a couple of times and have not received a response. I hope i was clear enough.

I am paying my fee and can not even sell anything so please help so i can get started.


regards, carol