several question about payment

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I am using Storefront API to get products from shopify store(test mode) and show them into my Website.

But when I try to complete a Checkout which created by customer, I meet the problem-payment can't be finished.


1, Somebody said "the payment could not be complete by Storefront API, we should use Sales Channel app".

I think the reason is "request payment process" exists in Sales Channel App, and when we use "Shopify Payment" or "Stripe", the condition is "request payment process" must be done, is my understanding right ?


2, I requested payment processing and get response "we only grant for published apps that are listed as a Sales Channel in our Shopify App store", that means if I create a Custom app only for a single client I can't use payment function, is my understanding right?


3, I can't find Stripe in "Shopify Payments" and I can't also find it in third-party providers. But if I change my region from Japan to France, I can find Stripe. Is it means Shopify don't support Stripe in Japan?


If any of my understanding is wrong, please tell me , thanks very much.