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in my store I ship all different size goods to all over. Some thing fit in a USPS flat rate box or envolope, some things have to be shipped UPS, I got this message on my homepage:

50% of visitors who entered their shipping details did not continue to payment

Offer discounted shipping rates to increase conversion.

I think its because there is no way to tell the difference of the sizes of the boxes that have to be shipped onlythe weight of the item. Some items are heavy, but can fit in a flat rate box and vice-a-versa. 

Is there a way to enter the dimesion of my products, so my customers can make a better informed descision for shipping ?


Unfortunately, the only way to enter the dimensions of your products is via a third-party shipping calculation app such as the one my husband and I created - Intuitive Shipping

I took a quick look at your store, and I think that Intuitive Shipping would be a really great fit to optimize your shipping for the wide variety of items you sell. Using Intuitive Shipping, you can enter the dimensions and weights of your products and use our 4D boxing algorithm to charge the appropriate amount of shipping at checkout. You also have the option of creating unlimited package sizes. 

Something that might be beneficial for you to look into is a negotiated rates provider. We are currently integrated with eShipper, and are nearly done our integration with Easyship. With both of these services, Intuitive Shipping will pull your negotiated rates which can hopefully increase your customer conversion as well. eShipper has a great relationship with DHL who is known in the industry to offer great international rates, so I definitely recommend checking them out. 

You have a Shipping & Terms section - great job! You would be absolutely amazed at how many merchants are entirely missing this section. I recommend adding a returns area to this page, since customers are much more likely to purchase if they know the process to make a return. Let customers know they are responsible for return shipping and what the process is. I also recommend adding that customers are responsible for all duties and taxes (assuming they are). 

If you have any questions about Intuitive Shipping, please feel free to reach out at We offer a free 14-day trial (unlimited in testing mode) so feel free to take the app for a test drive :)

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With the Multi Carrier Shipping label app, you should be able to setup dimensions of the products so that based on dimensions efficient packaging of products are done by the app and hence the right shipping options are shown to the customer at checkout. So a package that requires USPS priority boxes should be shown the correct choices and not UPS. Similarly, if you want to hide USPS box rates for certain products you can even do that with the app.

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